Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free PDF Editor for Windows Everywhere!

Wondershare PDF Editor for Windows is an innovative tool for users to edit, convert, and annotate PDF files. Different from those so-called “PDF Editors”, which only work with notes or limited page contents, Wondershare PDF Editor allows users to directly edit all the content of the PDF files in any language. What’s more, it also gives users the ability to edit and reuse PDF contents in Word by converting PDF to Word. Marking and annotating PDF files are also very easy with Wondershare PDF Editor.


  • Split a 500-page PDF file into single-page PDF files within 1 minute.
  • Allow users to combine multiple PDF files into one flexibly and quickly.
  • You can set the properties and security for the merged PDF file.
  • Split PDF file to multiple PDF files by specific page ranges at one time.

How to get a free copy:

1. In order to participate in this activity, you can get this via our event page. You Will direct to this page:

2. Please click to download the beta version of Wondershare PDF Editor. Install it and run the program. Please note that it doesn’t require license code to activate the program.
Note: With this beta version, you will get the first three months for free, without any limit. Use this free trial period for experiencing editing PDF. So, step in and take advantage of this special offer!

Do not miss this great opportunity to try this amazing product, and get this exclusive product for free. You won’t have any charge for the first three months and after that, you will gain access to the lowest available price in the market. If you want to get full version for life time for free, you could also give us three feedback through product or our facebook wall,then you could get PDF Editor full version($59.95) for free for life time.

We hope you take this opportunity to experience the benefits of this fantastic product for free!

We are very pleased with your program and your support and will definitely continue working with it. Please keep me informed as to any updates and future products.
I have been looking for this kind of PDF editor with both converter and edit functions for long. Now I can choose to edit my PDFs directly or in Word in order to make my work more efficient. It’s really amazing thanks!

Monday, March 12, 2012

FREE Wondershare Vivideo – Giveaway for 20 Lucky Winners

Wondershare Vivideo, an easy-to-use video editor with all the video editing tools you need, allows you to create Hollywood-like home movies with text, filter, motion and transition effects from all regular videos, audios and photos. Besides, you can directly upload your video to YouTube for sharing with family and friends, save videos for playback on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. or burn DVD for better video preservation. No matter it's a wedding video, love movie, travel story, life documentary or party record, it is just so easy to turn it to a treasured home video and share it with everyone!

This software is straightforward and easy to use. I have made a home movie with it and am very satisfied with its rich video editing features.


  • Make amazing home movies from all popular videos, audios and photos
  • Edit and personalize videos/audios/photos with editing features like trim, crop, rotate, set volume, adjust duration, etc. for better overall video effect.
  • Retouch your movie with rich filters, text styles, transitions and motions
  • Share your video creation with family and friends in multiple ways

System Requirements


  • Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above
  • RAM: At least 512M physical RAM

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • CPU: 1G Hz or above Intel processor
  • Memory: At least 512 MB physical RAM

What they said...

"I own several Wondershare products, and this is another great one!

Great GUI !!
Simple to use !!
Great results !!


- More appropriate "Help" for this particuliar software:
e.g. It took me a while to figure out what to do to edit & fill in "text".. and the trick w/ the "overlap" text.

- Make PIP user's own pics or vids.

- Have multiple Storyline/Timeline tracks"

Thank you !!! for your quick and kind response. I have already made a couple videos with Vivideo and like the product very much. I appreciate your excellent service and generous offer"From Gary

To celebrating the holiday on this month. Wondershare giving you Wondershare Vivideo for free license key incl serial number full version [Mac and Windows].

Entering the giveaway is simple, you just have to follow the rules below :

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  3. Only be 1 entry per person allowed in this Digarstudio giveaway.

How To Win

Tell us the reason you think you deserve a free license or your sincere advice about Wondershare Vivideo. We love real answers and we sincerely hope that you are free to feedback any shortcomings of our product to our Company, so that we can complete the product quality better and provide you better services.

When Will I Know

Winners will be chosen at the end of this month (March 28th 2012).We will list your name in this article .If your name is on the winner list please contact me at digarstudio(at) to get your free license!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The last five days Left to get the giveaway version of Wondershare Data recovery!!!

WOW! Get 3 products in the windows for free at a time? No kidding,just join our giveaway activity to get these gifts!!Gifts are limited and available on a first come first served basis! Hurry up!

Activity Rules

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Kind Notice: Please note that this version of Wondershare Data Recovery provides 100 MB space for you to recover your lost files and it doesn't require license key to activate it.Please don't worry,you can confidently use the unregistered program as long as the lost file size doesn't exceed 100 Mb.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Free Wondershare Video Editor software now facebook activity is coming!

If you are a beginner want to make professional-looking personal movies, Video Studio Express provides you with a complete set of tools to edit videos and share your final production on your iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, HTC, Zune and other portable device.

Wondershare Video Editor is a powerful video editing software for you to compile any movie or video projects regardless the size and format in a few simple steps. You can add background music, scene transitions, and stylish movie effects to your video, editing the video and audio track easily.

Let's take a look at what this Wondershare Video Studio Express can do for you:

High compatibility with all popular video and audio formats from your computer and camera
Precise video editing with separate video, audio and add picture-in-picture functionality
Video effects and transition effects make your videos outstanding at once
Multiple ways to share your edited videos with family and friends easily

Now we are planning to build one online community on Facebook so that it will bring us close to our customers and recognize our customer's needs.Would you like to join us on our community?Just click the following link and click "Like" button and then comment the message.The first 100 fans who like our Facebook Page will get the license of our upcoming release of Wondershare Video Editor 3.0 freely.

We hope to initiate communication with our users and to find interesting ideas or suggestions.Please keep all of the feedback coming, we are listening and really appreciate the time everyone is putting towards helping us build a better social experience.

How to like our Facebook Page?

Please copy the following link to your address bar and then click "Like" button as below.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A chinese villager who sells more software daily than you do

This article is reproduced from Max Klein

I was alone in the center of a small Chinese town, the weakly glowing streetlights hardly illuminating the streets. The silence was heavy and absolute. It was different from the eternal light and sound of Shenzhen, and the high elevation gave the air an unusual taste. Things were not the same up here in the mountains, and this strangeness seemed a bit menacing. The roads had been tarred, courtesy of the rich central government who gave special attention to the Chinese minorities, but the villages up here in the mountains of Yunnan province did not have many cars to wear down the roads. So they felt incomplete, and leaves lay about, their crushing beneath my feet giving my walk a strange soundtrack.

A group of men sat in a doorway smoking tobacco from a big bong, watching me walk past with impassive faces. I hurried a bit. What I was looking for was near, I knew. I turned a corner into a small side street, and saw it – the red and blue glow of the humming fluorescent lights, the pictures of the scantily clad lady with big breasts. I had found the local internet cafe.

I walked in through the narrow doorway, squeezing past a young teenage couple holding hands and staring out of the door. The guy had a scar across his forehead, I wondered idly what their story was, it may have been an amazing love story, it could have been endlessly tragic, perhaps they were completely boring. I’ll never know, because I walked into that room and was hit by the combined glow of hundreds of computer screens, different figures danced across many screens in some dance dance revolution clone, colourful websites reflected off the eyes of engrossed guys, smoking men scrolled through the news, cliques of teens starred together at a screen and shouted and laughed. The room was huge and it was filled with people surfing the internet and playing games. The internet cafe, long thought to be dead, had simply retreated here into the mountains, and it fed the local population with all the entertainment they could not afford to have at home.

After the necessary registration with my passport at the counter, I bought an entire night of internet surfing, starting off by checking what was new at TechCrunch. I went through the usual schedule of websites I read, skipping only facebook and twitter, as they don’t work here.

Being the only foreigner in there, I was getting a lot of looks, giggles and yelled out “HELLOs” from the kids around. I expected them to come talk to me at some point, so when someone tapped my shoulder, I was suprised that rather than some spiky haired teenager, it was a somewhat middle-aged smiling man with a cigarette dangling from his lip. He introduced himself with the sentence: “TechCrunch is my favorite website, too”. His english was heavily accented, but good.

I simply looked up at him, unsure what to reply. I didn’t need to say anything, because he started talking to me about the last few articles he had read on TechCrunch. I got only a few sentences in, mostly in agreement with his somewhat unusual but pretty insightful opinions about what they wrote. He spoke as if he had never spoken to anyone about TechCrunch, and needed to get all his thoughts out.

After 30 minutes of mostly listening, he invited me out to have a drink with him and his friends. He excitedly made phone calls in the local dialect and we went out. We walked over to some local food place, and sat outside on plastic chairs, several beers quickly appearing on the table. Soon, several of his friends popped in a shinily new BYD car, and they joined me.

He told me what he does: he sells software. And he sells a lot of software. Every month, he makes more than $5000, which is more than 50 times the average salary where he lives. He told me how he does it, and it’s a bit unusual.

He had learnt how to program from a friend of his. They had both moved to Kunming and started working, but when his dad got sick, he had to go home and farm to keep the family alive. His dad was sick for close to a year, and they needed money. Unable to travel, he had started looking for jobs on Odesk, Rentacoder and such sites based on recommendation from his friend. After writing some software for a client, he noticed something important:

- If he simply looked at the list of software projects available for jobs, he would have ideas on what software to develop.

He did this, and rather than making software for clients, he created his own software products, which he put on the internet. He said that 3 days after he copied a simple idea from the rentacoder list on his website, he was making 2 sales a day. $20 per day, which basically doubled his monthly earnings as a farmer. He continued working on more products and copying more ideas, and soon he had 10 different software that he was selling. Sales were low at the start, but even then for him it was a lot of money.

He kept doing this, cloning software he found that people wanted by looking at open projects on rentacoder, most of his software being related to video encoding. Additionally, he would take open source software, change the way it looked and sell it online. He said he’d get a few refunds, but most people would purchase it without complaining. He said he tried selling Firefox for a while, but sales were very low due to the free competition.

At the moment he’s making more than $5000 a month, and he’s been making it for more than 4 years already. He’s one of the bigger players in the video encoding software market.

As I left, he dropped me off at the local hotel where my friends were. He shook my hand enthusiastically and said he would email me, but that he had to sleep now, because he had to go to the farm early the next morning. Surprised, I asked him why he still farmed. He shrugged and lifted his palms in that typical smiling manner that the villagers there have. “No why!” he said. “I enjoy farming”.

From :

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HTC Droid Incredible update to Froyo rolling out far and wide, manual install available

Yeah, the Droid Incredible update was technically already deployed, but you know how these things work: they're usually long, painful phased rollouts designed to limit the damage if something catastrophic happens in the over-the-air push. On that note, we're excited to report that we've gotten a constant barrage of tips today suggesting that the update is now going out en masse -- and as always, the update file's already been sniffed out for you to download if you haven't gotten it on your phone yet and you're as distractingly impatient as we are wmv to mov mac. Let us know how it goes, alright, folks?

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