Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it legal to remove DMR and convert the songs?

Know what is DRM? The complete form of DRM Digital Rights Management. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a method that uses the music industry to combat piracy. And 'can remove DRM? This is the most common question from people. We may have to protect a legitimate reason to remove DRM MP4 files into MP3 files.

It is difficult to remove DRM? This is the second most common question from people. There are many sites that offer specific softwarecan remove DRM and convert them to MP4 format MP3. You know it's subscription music services like Napster, Kazaa and Rhapsody. Most files can be downloaded from the previous legal music stores will be converted from MP4 to MP3. After converting files, you can easily play on any MP3 device, including iPod.

There are a lot of conversion software available online, but not all are protected. Always be sure the software you have loaded safely.

I immediatelyRemove DRM from files? Remove DRM and convert is a very fast. Can be converted at a rate of about 20 seconds per song.

Where can I find a lot of music for free? There are many sources of high quality music to offer. Some sites are free and others are paid. For example, you can become familiar with a Web site like Napster. Many sites like Napster, you can download unlimited songs for $ 10 a month. This means that you can download thousands of songs forMonth. After downloading the songs, you can easily convert using a converter.

Today, many websites are online sales of music. But there are too many restrictions. One of these is DRM restrictions. Installing the software is always very easy and fast. You can easily use the software after successful installation. Some sites show evidence of the software. The only thing you have to do is create an output folder for your conversionSongs.

Converting songs and removal DMR is a complex process, if you follow the instructions step by step.

As I said earlier that there are many websites that offer free software disposal DMR, but not everyone is authenticated and secure. But your task is to choose a site safe and reliable. Always ensure that the software you download for free from viruses.

Is it legal to remove DMR and convert the songs? Yes, it is legal to remove DMR and convert. ReasonDMR for the application is to protect against remix songs.

So what are you waiting for? Download the best removal software and start converting your songs today.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to convert iTunes M4P to MP3 for Zune PSP BlackBerry and Android phone

How to convert iTunes M4P to MP3 for PSP Zune BlackBerry and Android phone

When you purchase music from iTunes Store, you actually get DRM protected content (in protected AAC or M4P format), which you will not be able to play on MP3/MP4 players and other non-Apple mobile players. You cannot directly transfer the M4P files to Zune, PSP, BlackBerry and Android phone, either. In such case, the option is to burn those tracks to an audio CD and then rip them once again to your computer hard drive wherein the DRM will be removed and you will get the tracks in (DRM free) MP3 format. After this you will be able to transfer them to Zune, PSP, BlackBerry and Android phone.

In case you have purchased a great amount of music from iTunes Store, you can go ahead and use Wondershare M4P to MP3 Converter which easily lets you remove the DRM element without hav

ing to waste actual CD's or CD-ROM, with the music ID3 tags info well preserved. Below is the detailed steps:

Step 1. Create a new playlist in iTunes and add the M4P songs to the playlist.

Step 2. Download and install Wondershare M4P to MP3 Converter. Run it. In the main interface, click the "Settings" button. In the pop up window, you can choose the output file name, output format (choose MP3 here), etc for the output files

Step 3. And then click the start button, and the files are on processing.. After a while, the files are DRM-ripped and converted to mp3 You can view your converted files by press the browse button

Step 4: Connect your Zune PSP or Blackberry to computer via USB cable and then drag and drop the converted files into the right folder of the Memory card. Now you can play iTunes music on your Zune PSP or Blackberry with freedom. you also could use iTunes or Windows media player to import the converted music

Thursday, March 25, 2010

how to convert wmv files to iPad and iPod

I purchased some songs from the Nokia Ovi Store and the file format for these songs is WMA. I attempted to place these tracks in to my itunes library in a bid to have iTunes convert them for me, however they are protected files and so it is unable to convert them. Is there any possible way for me to convert these files in order to play them on my ipod or my new iPad I just booked last week?

There are many ways of removing iTunes DRM. You can remove DRM from iTunes by ripping and burning a CD disc. Or you can turn to some free DRM Removal Software, such as FairUse4WM, Automate unDRM. , freeme2.and if you want to save time and get better output quality, you could also try some professional wmv drm removal.anyhow, choose a method that works best for you.

You have many WMV files in your Windows Media Player .And now you bought a new iPad, then you would like to transfer those tracks to your iPad. However, the WMV format is incompatible with Apple iPad. There comes the headache! Can't transfer legally purchased music and videos to your iPad/iPod, Sony PSP because of the DRM protection of Windows Media files? Today, we would like to share two methods for your reference. First, comes free software for Windows called FairUse4WM.


FairUse4WM can't crack DRM license. You must have VALID license files on your harddrive and be able to play the DRM protected files without restrictions. FairUse4WM is intended to be used to make fair-use backups only. Please do not abuse this rule.

FairUse4WM is a GUI version of drmdbg (DRM removal tool). drmdbg doesn't convert your original Windows Media audio and video files, it just removes DRM header of the media file, so you get lossless conversion of DRM protected media files.

FairUse4WM supports Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11

Basic requirements:
1. Only works on individualized DRM file
2. Works with both individualized content and some DRMv1 files
3. Does not work with Win98 or similar

Wondershare media converter

Wondershare Media Converter - is a powerful DRM Converter and wmv drm removal to remove DRM copy-protection from video and music downloaded from online store like iTunes Music Store, Windows Media Player, Napster, Amazon Unbox, Walmart, Rhpasody, Bearshare, etc with high quality, as well as unprotected plain ,let us have a look at an example about how to convert protected wmv files :

Here is the step by step guide for the program:

1.Download Wondershare Media converter, and install it. Then, add WMV files to it. You can either click 'ADD' button to insert the music you want to convert,or easily drag & drop the files into 'Getting started' table.

2.Choose the format you'd like to get. By clicking the "Convert audio to:" or "Convert video to:" box, you can select the output format for the source DRM music/video (WMA/WMV). For example, if you want to play DRM protected WMV on your Pad or iPod, you can choose "iPod " from the profile category list and choose "iPod video MPEG-4(*.MP4) as the output format.; if you want to watch DRM protected WMV videos on your PSP, you can choose "Game Hardware-Sony PS3 " from the profile category list and choose "PS3 Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)" as the output format.

3. Start to convert DRM WMV/WMA files
Click the "Start" button to begin to convert DRM wmv wma files. After conversion, you can Sync converted videos to iPod

4. Sync converted videos to iPad/iPod. First, you need to launch iTunes, click File option on menu, and add your converted files to iTunes library. Then,connect your iPad/iPod to computer via USB cable, iTunes will detect your iPad/iPod. After that, click iTunes "File -> Sync iPod", and the files will be transferred to your iPad/iPod from iTunes library. When updating completed, you will find the videos on you iPad/iPod. Now, we can enjoy our clean music on iPad/iPod.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to transfer iTunes library to new computer in ten Minutes


I've wanted to move my iTunes library from my old notebook to my new computer for months. But it's always seemed like such a hassle... especially with a few thousand songs in my library. After searching several times over the past several weeks and I still didn't find a method that didn't involve too many hours of hand editing. What I should do?


Luckily there are 2 ways to make these backups and transfers easier. You can transfer your library to back-up discs or an external hard drive or to your iPod using your USB cable. To use back-up discs, you'll need iTunes 7 or higher. To use your iPod, follow steps as below. Back-up discs are recommended if you have a large library because your iPod may not hold the entire library;But if you don't want to spend more time on burning your CD, just sync the music and movie as you like to your iPod. And then you could use this iTunes transfer program to backup all the files to another new computer in a short time. Here I'd like share some idea for you about the second way (use iPod).

As one of the biggest online store of music and video, iTunes supplies us varieties of conveniences in our daily life. It is called the world's hottest digital download store, However, The size of these libraries presents some challenges when you're trying to back up your computer or transfer iTunes library to new computer. After all, you spent all that time importing your CDs once - you don't want to do it again. And is it possible to transfer your iTunes playlists, song ratings, etc. from your old computer to your new computer?

The answer is absolutely yes! In fact, in this article I will show you how you can transfer iTunes library to new computer from your old computer in ten minutes.

First, you want to make sure that all of your music is in your iTunes music folder. The best and easiest way to do this is to open the iTunes computer program. In the top menu, click on "Advanced" and select the "Consolidate Library" option. ITunes will now start moving all your music into its iTunes music folder.

Transferring iTunes library to an iPod
If you are moving your iTunes library between two computers using the same operating system and iTunes version; and You plan to store the iTunes library database and content in the same relative locations on the new computer

If this is the case, then transferring iTunes library to a new computer is quite simple: Just copy the Tunes folder and all sub-folders from your "Music" (Mac) or "My Music" (Windows) folder on your old computer to an external hard drive or burned onto a CD OR DVD. You can also sync all the music or movies to your iPod with iTunes.

If your transferred songs won't play, they're protected by Apple's digital rights management software, which Apple is phasing out. But when you click a protected song you'll be prompted to "authorize" the song online so it can be played on the new PC (you can authorize a song to play on up to five computers.) but you are unable to share these songs to more than five computers, at this time, you could try DRM Remove Software to unprotect DRM and then you could put them to any other portable player or hard disk and then transfer to another new computer.

Transferring iTunes library from your iPod to another Computer:
One of the easiest ways to move your iTunes library is by use some software to copy the contents of your iPod to a new computer. There are a number of these iTunes transfer programs. Today I'd like to share this program with you:

Wondershare iTransfer
Wondershare iTransfer review

Here is the step by step tutorial for the program:

1. Free download iTunes Transfer and install it.

2. Connect your iPod to computer and then Run the iTransfer application and then the playlists of iPod and iPad will be shown on the left interface.( (make sure iTunes 7 is already installed), but don't let iTunes launch automatically, it will erase your all iPod music).

iTunes Transfer, transfer iTunes library - screenshot

3. Transfer iPod content to computer
Choose the file you would like to transfer, It also supports batch conversion. Just like copying music/video from iPhone to computer, you need to check video/audio files and then click "To iTunes" and then wait for a minute.

iTunes Transfer, transfer iTunes library, transfer iTunes library to new computer

4. The program will automatically open your iTunes after transferring is done.
You will now see your old library have transferred over to your new computer, including your playlists,, enjoy your music on your new computer.

Note: With this iTunes Transfer program, you can not only transfer iTunes library to new computer, ipod to pc, iPod to iTunes, iPod to iPhone, but also convert video format to iPhone/iPod supported video formats automatically before transfer it to iPhone/iPod. what is more, This iTunes transfer works well on synchronizing iTunes library with your iPod/iPhone.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to download 2012 from iTunes onto HTC touch?


I just purchased HTC Touch last week, I want to buy and download the movie of 2012 from purchased DVDs movies onto my 16GB microSD card and play them while flying in airplanes. Does anybody know whether the movies downloaded from iTunes can be played on my phone while flying without converting them or whatever? I am not so tech savy so any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is no problem with your HTC touch to play movie with a 16GB microSD card, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it can play iTunes downloaded movie or DVD movie well --- since you know, iTunes purchased .m4v TV shows & movie (whether they are HD or SD) have DRM (digital rights management) protection, and the DVD disk movie has copy right protection as we have to use some removal tool to convert it and then you could enjoy the 2012 movie in your HTC touch


As far as I know, HTC phone supports Video formats like MP4, 3GP, WMV, ASF, 3G2, M4V, AVI and Audio formats MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, which means, you have to use a 3rd party DRM removal software to remove DRM copy protection and convert them into HTC compatible formats first, then you can transfer the right files to your HTC SD card.

To remove DRM Protection, there are many methods, such as CD burning and ripping and so on. This article presents you an easy way: using software, such as Wondershare media Converter to convert your protected files to DRM-free ones. This software is especially useful for alleviating compatibility issues.

Here is the step by step tutorial for the program:
1 Free download Wondershare media Converter install and run it.

2 when come to the main interface, you can directly drag-drop target media file to the conversion window, or click the 'Add' button to import the target files.

3 Choose the format you'd like to get. There are a list of output formats. Since HTC Touch phones play video of MP4, 3GP, click 'settings' to go to the output reference settings board showing like the picture bellow(generally MP4 is preferable with better picture quality), then the Bit Rate, sample rate, channel, and Encoder as well for output file quality and size.

You also can change the output file location, or the output files will be located as default.
4 Last thing; click the start button, and the DRM removing process is beginning. After converting, the files are DRM-ripped. You can view your converted files by press the browse button, or you can choose to turn off computer after conversion.

5. When conversion done, you can transfer iTunes music movie to HTC Hero /HTC touch according to the user guide, Connect HTC Hero to computer via USB cable and then drag and drop the converted files into the right folder of the Memory card. Now you can play iTunes movie on your HTC touch with freedom.

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