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iPhone is better than Nexus One ,there are eight reasons.

iPhone is better than Nexus One ,there are eight reasons.

With Google Nexus launches a smartphone in the market, hype about Nexus One beating Apple iPhone has reached its limits. The fact that the Google smartphone has better features than the iPhone by a thin gap, should it be considered to be an iPhone killer? No, it's not an iPhone killer.


Why Google Nexus One is not an iPhone Killer to validate the reasons , here are eight reasons:

1. Power and battery: Although the Nexus One has a removable battery and powerful compared to the iPhone, it is not efficient enough to give a talk time of 12 hours like an iPhone.

2. iPhone as an iPod: As of Sep 9, 2009, over 220,000,000 iPods had been sold worldwide, making it the best selling digital audio player ever.

3. Multi-touch function: Google Nexus One can not beat iPhone when it comes to multi-touch functionality (swiping, multi-fingered gestures, pinch to zoom, etc.).

4. Synchronization Feature: Even Google Nexus One, which is running on Android Platform, has the ability to Synchronization with iTunes but it usually requires a third-party app and it is a manual process. Also, iTunes automatically keeps the iPhone updated with music every time.

5. Applications: In terms of applications , the iPhone is way ahead of the Nexus One. Apple Application Store offers more than 100,000 Applications.

6. Games: iPhone has become a mobile gaming device of a choice.iPhone has a very wide gaming platform. There are some very strong gaming titles available for the iPhone users.

7.Mac OS Vs Android: The new operating system of Google is good, but that does not mean, it will provide the comfort and ease that the iPhone already offers.

8. Hardware: Google is new to hardware. They have ventured into the market of Web services and software.

Moreover, even if Apple's products are expensive, you do get what you pay for and Apple's attention to detail is what makes Apple products, like the iPhone, a pleasure to use.

As noted above, although the iPhone has few better features compared to the Nexus One, let's be honest about the newly launched product in the market.


But as mentioned earlier, will Nexus One beat the iPhone in view of the distinctive features discussed above? The answer is no. The two giants in the field of smartphones have to go through stiff competition to outmatch each other but definitely, the Google smartphone is not an iPhone killer, not just yet. In this sense, the experience of Apple plays a larger role compared to Google's new venture into the hardware market.

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