Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to download itunes music into a Motorola Droid from my iphone free of charge

Question :

How to send music to a Motorola Droid from my iphone?

Hello,I would like to know is it possible to send music to another phone .or Motorola Droid


hello,yes,as we known,the iphone has managed his music with iTunes but there is another way to send the music from iphone to another mobile.there are three logical possiblities:

1 If the music in your iphone is from your own computer and you can find the music files in the hard disk of your computer.and you have to make sure whether the music is DRM -protection or not .because most music purchased from iTunes is under DRM protection .if the music is's very simple to transfer the music to your Motorola Droid,just connect your Motorola Droid phone to your computer via USB cable and then your computer will detect it. drag & drop the music onto your Motorola's ok now .

2 If the music is under DRM protection,you can't play them in anyother portable player except iPod and if you want to enjoy the music in your Motorola Droid ,you have to use some removal software to remove drm from iTunes music and then transfer the converted music files onto your Motorola Droid phone.

3 If the music in your iphone is not from your computer you have to find some tool to import the music files onto your computer and then transfer them onto your Motorola Droid.if you find you can't play the music onto your Motorola Droid ,it means that all the music is DRM need to crack DRM .there are many way to remove drm in a legally way .I will recommend you theck out this full tutorial:

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