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How to Play iTunes m4b on Blackberry free?



I have a number of audiobooks that were downloaded off iTunes but i don’t have the logistics of the account that downloaded them so my iTunes does not copy the audio books over to my blackberry iPhone .is there any way to play iTunes m4b on Blackberry free?


The audiobook you download from iTunes is drm protected. In order to play it on non-apple mp3/mp4 players or your Blackberry phone, you need to remove the drm and convert the protected music to drm free mp3 format. The easiest way is to burn an audio cd in iTunes and rip it back as mp3 format. Or you can get some removal software to help you. Such as wondershare music converter


Most of the files purchased from iTunes Store are DRM protected i.e. you can play them only on specific devices and computers. You cannot use the DRM protected files on any random computer or portable media player. And the audio books from iTunes store are usually either in M4B format. This means all the M4B files you download from the iTunes store will only work on your iPod. If you want to download M4B on your blackberry phone, you cannot do it unless you transfer the files to MP3 format. The first thing is to remove drm from M4B iTunes audiobook.

How to remove DRM from iTunes m4b audio book?
You may need specific iTunes DRM Removal Software to strip this DRM copy protection from these M4B audiobooks.This article presents you a easy way: using software, such as Wondershare Music Converter to convert your protected M4B audiobook to DRM-free ones. This software is especially useful for alleviating compatibility issues.

Here is the step by step tutorial for the program:
1 Free download Wondershare music Converter install and run it.

2 when come to the main interface, you can directly drag-drop target music file to the conversion window, or click the ‘Add’ button to import the target files.

3 Choose the format you'd like to get. There is a list of output formats. If you want to play iTunes m4b on Blackberry, I recommend you to select MP3.
4 And then click the start button, and the DRM removing process is beginning. After a while, the files are DRM-ripped. You can view your converted files by press the browse button.
5 After conversion, now we can put the converted m4b file onto your blackberry. Just connect your Blackberry phone to your computer via USB cable and then your computer will detect it. Drag & drop the music onto your phone. all is done now !

Thanks for viewing this guide of Play iTunes m4b on Blackberry. Now, you could start enjoying your favorite audio book in your leisure time

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Tips: This method works also for music video movie downloaded from other online stores like Windows Media Center, Zune Marketplace, Napster, Rhapsody, Nokia Music Store, Spiralfrog, Bearshare, eMusic, Puretracks, MusicGiants, CinemaNow Movielink, Amazon Unbox etc, as well as your home-made movie shot with camcorder or something else.

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