Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I-Pad or ITampon is It? : What 5 Important Features Does the IPad Tablet NOT Have

I just noticed something on Twitter. I noticed that" iTampon" was now trending in response to Apple's " iPad tablet". I laughed, laughed and you guessed it... laughed some more! ha...Sorry Steve Jobs.

I have been reading about what iPad tablet has. So I decided to write an article on 5 features i-Pad does NOT have. To come full circle, let's do a quick recap of what

Apple's iPad is meant to do.

"What is the iPad tablet?"
Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) unveiled the latest product by Apple the "iPad" on 27th January. It is supposed to fill the gap that exists between smartphones and laptops.( Ok Steve, if you say there is a gap, there must be a gap.. I guess.Hmm)

"What does the iPad tablet look like?"
The iPad looks like an over-sized iPhone. It has that flat, black screen. But underneath the surface it is trying hard to act like a laptop. Poor dear! iPad is having some identity crisis.

Only time will tell if Apple's i-Pad will be a success or an iToss
Now that we have covered the basics let's see what the iPad tablet does not have.

1. i-Pad does not have a cool name- I know this because I came to write this article following iTampons on Twitter as a leading trend. Sheesh! Imagine sitting in a lounge somewhere and asking a stranger, can I please borrow your iPad? Apple's marketing team should have done a few more surveys and decided on a better name for starters. Me feels i-Pad the name makes i-Sad.

2. No Multitasking options- What this means is you can do just one task at a time. Don't even think about running AIM in the background while you're writing an email. Even netbooks have Multitasking! Lord Almighty, what were they thinking? This was a complaint with the iPhone too. It would have been nice if this could have been prevented in the iPad (still giggling).

3. No USB/Flash- Many of us are used to the fact that Apple devices are not Flash compatible. But I think it is high time Apple starts looking in that area. Even netbooks have a solution to not having a DVD drive. It is flash compatible!

Written by Rox B.

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