Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are the SONY MP3 WALKMAN compatible with ITunes for syncing music to the player?

Are the SONY MP3 WALKMAN compatible with ITunes for syncing music to the player?


As we known,all the music you buy from itunes is either m4a or m4p and they are DRM SONY MP3 WALKMAN doesn't compatible with ITunes for syncing music to the player.if you still want to play the music from iTunes in your SONY MP3 WALKMAN.I think the best way is to use this software-wondershare music converter.


In this article ,I will introduce you a quick and easy way to remove DRM lisense protection from iTunes music files (.m4a)

What you need is just iTunes and this DRM Removal Program- wondershare music converter. You can download here for iTunesand Wondershare music converter .SONY MP3 WALKMAN compatible formats are:Sony offers limited video format compatibility, however, including MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ L-PCM /AVC(.264/AVC)/MPEG-4/WMV DRM .

However, many files in iTunes music store are DRM protected, if you want to transfer these tracks to other MP3 player,you have to remove DRM protection first. So, What you need is a DRM removal program which can can break the DRM restrictions, such as Wondershare music Converter,

Wondershare Media Converter, remove DRM from Zune Marketplace, Zune Pass

it is a professional DRM removal software to remove DRM Protection from iTunes, Zune, Napster, Pandora, Spiral Frog and other online store. This DRM Removal can help you convert M4V, M4P, M4A, M4B, WMV, WMA and other protected formats into .M4A, MP3, WMA,AC3,AAC,WAV,OGG,M4B etc. with high quality and fast speed

To remove DRM from iTunes music files, what you need to is just the 3 easy steps. Download Wondershare music Converter, add DRM protected music and video to it, and then choose output format and path. You can preview your files by double-click it. After that, the only thing you need to operate is just click the start button, and the converting process is starting. After converting, the files are DRM-ripped.

The most import features of Wondershare music Converter are "supporting more formats ", "speed of drm removing ", and "quality of the converted files ". So, it'll be one of the best choice to remove DRM.

Thanks for viewing our program guide of removing DRM from music, and now, let's enjoy the clean and free music

Download Wondershare Music Converter for Free

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