Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How To Remove DRM from AA Audio Book Files from Audible

How To Remove DRM from AA Audio

Book Files from Audible


Remark:  Every wanted to know how to remove drm from aa audio file like the one downloaded from Audible? Here is a short description how to do it and where you can the software to strip out the copy protection legally. 


 Nov 22, 2009 – Audio books that are downloaded from sites like Audible are protected by DRM which is a form of copy protection that restricts your usage. This form of protection is to prevent file sharing and piracy but it actually just affects the people that have downloaded the file legally. It realy doesn’t do much to preven file sharing. However, in order to convert your protected .aa file from sites like Audible you need to first remove the DRM from the file. This will allow you to convert the file to other formats like mp3. You can find a how to video and software at http://www.removing-drm.com/

The best way to remove or strip the drm from AA audio book files is to use drm removal software designed to legally unprotect the file if you have a valid subscription or have downloaded the audio book legally.  This kinds of software works best with all kinds of protected formated audio file to include books and protected wma files which are the tracks you download from music subscription sites.

Simply download the drm removal software from removing-drm.com and give it a free trial for 30 days . Once downloaded just install it and load in your protected audio book files and it will automatically remove the DRM and strip out the copy protection then convert the file to any format you want for late listening. You can even put it on your iPod.

Another advantage is that this software also converts protected video files like rented videos from iTunes. You can also convert other formats like the ones you get from music subscription services which and save you a bundle in additional fees. You just use the software the same as you would to remove drm from your audio books. Once you have downloaded the protected media like protected wma or wmv you just load it into the software and click start and its converted to the format of your choice in ultra high quality and in blazing speed. You can read more on this process at http://www.removing-drm.com/drm-tips/remove-drm-from-m4b-iTunes-audiobook.html  

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