Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are your music ready for some freedom?

Convert Protected WMA to MP3

If you have huge amount of protected WMA songs, then you may have wondershare music Converter and it run together to convert the protected WMA songs to MP3. Wondershare music Converter is your perfect choice for converting DRM protected WMA music to MP3 or unprotected WMA.


How can I convert WMA to MP3?

Just take any of WMA to MP3 converters and it will do for you. However converter will fail to convert DRM protected WMA. The wondershare music Converter can easily convert WMA to MP3 in batch mode at up to 40x speed (depends on your computer speed).You can manage converted audio quality and their size. To convert WMA to MP3, please choose MP3 as encoder. Now all of your converted files will be in MP3 format.

What if my WMA are from Napster (they are DRM protected)?

They will not be converted with usual converter. There are many legitime reasons to convert (and unprotect) your music. The Napster DRM Removal Softwareis a solution to convert DRM protected WMA to MP3 as easy as convert unprotected WMA to MP3.
You are just a few mouse clicks from convert WMA to MP3. The
Wondershare Music Converter is simple to install, easy to use and fast to convert your audio. It is not just a converter. It will remove DRM from all your converted music. In order to convert your audio you must be able to play it on your PC with your Windows Media Player.

Download the software, install and run it .and then click the button"Add"

Add the music file from your computer

CChoose output path and output format

In this step, you can open the guide info to show you the match hardware with the formats.

Convert Protected WMA to MP3 ,It only takes you one or two minutes to finish the conversion from Protected WMA to MP3 automatically for also could cancel the process if you want to change some settings. After converting, the files are DRM-ripped. Now you can view your converted files by press the "Find Target" button, or you can choose to turn off computer after conversion.

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  1. Very helpful post!

    I recommend wondershare media Converter. It can also remove DRM from iTunes music. What’s more it can be used to convert protected iTunes M4V/M4P and DRM protected WMA/WMV files.

    It can only be used on Windows.